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COMM 301: Introduction to Public Speaking

This course prepares students to speak in a variety of rhetorical situations: academic, professional, social, and political. Students will demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal delivery, ethical research methodology, analytical thinking and listening skills, organization and outlining skills, and appropriate presentation… Continue Reading →

COMM 305: Oral Interpretation

This course introduces students to the field of performance studies through the oral interpretation of various literary genres, including Western and Non-Western literature. The focus is on audience analysis, selection and thematic analysis of literature, script writing, discussion and application… Continue Reading →

COMM 311: Argumentation and Debate

This course covers both the theory and practice of argumentation and debate. Students will learn to effectively develop and respond to reasoned written and oral arguments, to critically evaluate various types of evidence, to identify fallacies in reasoning and language,… Continue Reading →

COMM 315: Persuasion

This course presents fundamental theories and techniques of persuasion as they occur in various communication contexts, including commercial, interpersonal, public, and mass media. Students develop critical thinking skills by engaging in oral and written analysis, evaluation, and composition of persuasive… Continue Reading →

COMM 321: Interpersonal Communication

Students in this course will explore and apply communication concepts associate with developing and maintaining satisfying interpersonal relationships.  Through a variety of class activities, students experiment with various approaches to successful communication in interpersonal contexts, including conflict management and active… Continue Reading →

COMM 325: Intercultural Communication

This course introduces students to the challenges and promises of intercultural communications in the United States.  Variations and commonalities in communication patterns across cultures are examined as well as processes and outcomes among persons of different group-based experiential backgrounds.  Practical… Continue Reading →

COMM 363: Introduction to Communication Theory

This course will introduce the student to the symbolic process of human communication through the study of basic communication models, fundamental theory, and relevant research findings. Emphasis will be placed on achieving an understanding of the communication process, and the… Continue Reading →

Comm 331: Group Discussion

Group communication is pervasive in all academic, professional, and social environments. This course is designed to increase students’ understanding of group communication and to prepare students to function more effectively in various types of groups. Students will learn about the… Continue Reading →

COMM 341: Organizational Communication

This course is designed to allow students to examine both theoretical and pragmatic essentials of effective organizational messages from preparation and presentation to effective observation and analysis. Students will explore the dynamics of organizational communications in various situations including focus… Continue Reading →

COMM 351: Mass Media and Society

The class will offer a survey of the mass media: history, philosophy, structure and trends, as well as theories, which help to explain effects and the importance of media as a social institution. The course will explore economics, technology, law,… Continue Reading →

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